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AnthraciteCoal.com Inc. offers the right size of anthracite coal that you need for your landscape project. The size of anthracite coal that you can purchase for your home, business, or golf course ranges from golf balls to refrigerators in size.

The image to the left shows landscaping with anthracite coal in some of its largest forms. For more examples of landscaping with anthracite coal check out the landscaping gallery.

This high carbon high gloss piece of anthracite coal will attract more attention than anything else in your yard, and it weighs a little more than half of what your average mountain stone weighs, making it easier to manhandle.

Anthracite Coal adds a whole new dimension to your lawn, flower beds, bay window or even your desk top. Your imagination is the limit to what you can do with this attractive piece of anthracite coal.

To buy your piece of anthracite coal, click on the Buy Coal Online link here.
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